After a long weekend it takes time to recover; and if the weekend has been good, I cannot think for a while afterwards. Decision making is quite absent, except that I still need more sleep.

Aaron records the moment

In a beauteous time of gathering rhyme, fuzzing with slime… I ought to listen more carefully when those around me nudge, but I am very slow, and the progress sucks.
There is one area I do not neglect and it is unsurprising for a snake like me. My senses are attuned directionally violet.

We each have our own relationship with karma, and in my case, a wilderness of women awaited. I am still there really

Atop a tower, Canary Wharf, CitiBank workers get to draw me. I strip off close to the wide view only to be told nudity is forbidden.

Jessica Cavalletto draws me in the bank

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