Esther Bunting is a performance artist, playwright, event director and life model.

She has been evolving her Girl in Suitcase performance since 2009, exploring the life cycle of woman, reclaiming menstrual rites, and most recently investigating the stories of her ancestors.

In 2010 she created Spirited Bodies to provide a platform for women to try life modelling in a safe environment, and gain a new sense of embodiment. In 2018 the project began moving towards a focus on empowering teenagers, by encouraging them to draw a wide variety of natural human forms.

I am a physical artist who needs to connect with others and share in the communion of bodies unfolding in space. I create meaning for myself and people with whom I work through investigations that lead to performance and ultimately the sharing of actions with a wider audience.

Difficult sensations emerge from complex life issues and are extrapolated and deepen my connection with others through art creation; I need to feel meaning.

I feel human when I create – alive and on fire.

I live my art – performance is an opportunity to share with others.

Through my career as a professional life model – everyday sharing of myself for art – I confront notions of objectification, speaking out, creating my own role, building and contributing to a community of models and artists, as well giving others the chance to enhance their lives through life modelling within Spirited Bodies.

I am informed by my traditional and experimental theatre background, feminism and life modelling work, and find expression through my performance and project workshops.