Goddess Greetings

Ishtar in the middle of the Gods

Time stands still in Belsize Park

Mothers marvel at their model’s smiling grace, and they fall into peace

Bourgeois etiquette, Beauty measured, and the children’s progress

Successful trappings tap my circuitry and I wur more efficiently!

In the evening I convene in a large ornate South London church with many women more like me

Chairs removed and beats building I let go with them

Merging our chaos, rolling our hips against one another and howling on the altar

Tonight the Goddess culture brings us closer

We release all sorts of anguish and connect with eyes and movement

I feel a feminine frenzy sweeping and a witchy wailing unearthed

Filled with love for womenfolk, and this ecstatic dance is spun by all us here

Ishtar ~ Goddess of fertility, love, war & sex

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