To Feel Human with You

Being with people naked with all different bodies, still and silent is liberating. Our bodies are ok, there is beauty in each, from the essence being allowed to be. Open and free allows, encourages each to flourish. That is a gift, that is magic, to share that is bliss.

To witness the unlocking of pain, but simply all I see is beauty. Individual expression, sometimes connection, the love of friends, couples, and the inclusion of all. The connections of the more confident and brave, the shapes of different bodies, sometimes balancing, sometimes relaxing, sometimes wanting to be looked at or not; to have all the variety is the magic of life.

At the begining of the morning session when I got on the platform, I found myself close to my friend Sylvie

As I was posing on the stage with everyone I noticed this wonderful feeling and it didn’t matter if we were being drawn or not, that was incidental. It was just being with everyone that mattered, and knowing we were all ok. I guess the artists do help though! That way you have a reason to stay still which helps. And impressions beyond photographs.

Thanks to all the models, and the artists at Spirited Bodies at the Drawing Theatre in Battersea Arts Centre last Saturday 20th October. Thanks also to Lucy, Steve and Denise for photographing art work. There is much more of it to be seen on our Facebook page; it may take a while to upload it all on here, so in the mean time:

4 thoughts on “To Feel Human with You

  1. I loved reading this, especially the first few paragraphs. It’s exactly the same thing I took away during my first opportunity to work with other models a few weeks ago. In fact, I *still* have trouble articulating it, either verbally or orally. It’s just such an incredibly powerful experience that you sum up very profoundly!


    • Thank you Jason, you are very sweet. Did you write a post about this experience yet?
      It took me a while to come down and in some ways I think I am still high, relishing every last breath. It’s a guiding force I feel. It would be awesome to arrange an international multi-model event across different countries happening at the same time and connected by video screens – hi-tech, or would that even matter? Nice to hear from you.


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