Uneven In Uxbridge

It took over 2 hours to get here, felt like the middle of nowhere. When a bus moves here, it travels far in a short time. Miss your stop means a lot of backtracking.

It felt provincial – in the end I stopped asking bus people directions as they couldn’t agree, well at least they replied. Looked in Google Map instead.

Finally down a country lane I find the school. Must sign in, and then a special runner takes me to art.

I am their first life model ever! So appreciation is not short. They used to trek to the nearby university, but cuts have forced a new trend.

I am given plenty biscuits for my trouble and allowed to feel relaxed. But I know this is the wrong thing really. A student from Hong Kong who walks me to my bus stop enquires if I am a dancer. I explain what is physical theatre, again. She asks if I have a show and I am positive. Back to my real work.

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