Breaking Up In Scotland – a dream

With Massimo. We had been staying with Andy and his theatre company but after a row, Massimo walked. I was left with a friend of his in our mess of a room. A stash of photos in a corner, memories. We discussed what to do and my heart almost turned – “call him, go after him,” but why wasn’t I offering to fetch him myself?

I worried about returning to my home alone; I didn’t seem to know anyone. The guy with me offered to introduce me to his friends, but my instinct rejected that.

Two women came by, part of a school where we stayed, explained how very soon, plays would be shown in that room. New plays where the audience would draw. 4 plays over a month. How excitable! My companion volunteered me, and we shared my connection; the friendly women prodded our enthusiasm. I could stay and be in the plays which were written by students.

I would let go of my place in London for another month, forget about Massimo. Here with Andy and the theatre for me. When Andy walked over he smiled at the news, opened his arms.

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