Defying Rationale

Some artists have noticed that I am writing boldly and they are not sure if they trust me anymore.  I have to say that comments I make about artists in my blog are part of a creative writing strand, and while inspired by life, contain fictitious elements. Subtle details are often changed partly to protect identities, and because I have an overall thread in mind which overlays reality and a bigger picture of it.

Today at the Mall, I challenged artists to be bold too; as they walked in my room they were initially confronted with my open legs. Unplanned, I worked the pose out with those present earlier, including women from whose point of view there were good angles and a fabulous grin.  It was men who took the bushy gaze, and after all, from porn they may be used to that. I was comfortable, and understand that some men, like me, sometimes enjoy creating when there is a turn on. It seems a most natural condition, and under the auspices of this life group, all may be gratified.

A latent poise is surfacing in conversation with some who draw me (and have read my words). Testing. I cannot help but feel that regardless this is drawing us closer in understanding. It may take time.

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