Life Club

Birdsong in the morning,  zone 6,  cemetery path and a silver haired community centre.
I face Margaret. She always gets missed out, so today I look her way. Two minutes picking her medium; charcoal in a chocolate box, or pens in an elastic? Doesn’t look at me, just feels her materials, places her pad.
And then eyes raise, lid removed. A long look, small marks. Wait; spectacles are in order, and minutes go by.
I work hard for 2 ten minute poses, arms high, toes tipped… and then dry up. Too early, close in, and cover what they’d like to see most. Senior sauce. But hey! Even protruding knees and elbows please their select number (to get in you have to make good cake).

In the 2nd half they stop me mid-stretch, frantic scribbling what could be a glamour pose.

I only came because I like Margaret (and the cake).

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