Return to the Motherland

Today Morimda introduced me to her friend Agnes, who first ignited Spirited Bodies in her.

We are learning how to love each other, by stroking! It is called Quantum Touch Healing and the main thrust is gentle strokes, imparting life force energy. Not being afraid to touch each other may be good for our insides which respond by healing themselves, so the theory follows. Stroked by my friends, I love it, brings out my inner feline.

There is so much science doesn’t get, and I am prepared to believe that extra loving could go a long way.

Morimda passed the project over to me when she realised her priorities lay elsewhere. As far as I am concerned Morimda has done the amazing first step of starting this, and I am ever grateful to her for giving it to me. She created it as a project to be passed on, and one day it may come back to her, a little more grown up I hope!

Not long after the first event I was looking for a place to live and the right place came up for me not far from Morimda so I moved to a new area. I didn’t know too many people here in this neck of South East London, but this Autumn a couple of tricks have landed my way that will help to root me in the neighbourhood. I was offered a place in the script writing group at the local theatre, and Morimda invited me to take part in a regular meeting of friends who practise healing on each other. The first will be good for play development, the second all things hippy shit.

This week I met up with a very old friend from my teens, from when I first left home. She was in London showing films with her husband about The Freedom Theatre (, an organisation in Palestine which offers acting and music classes to Palestinian children on The West Bank. The films spanned the utterly grim to the gloriously hopeful; the message being that the 3rd Intifada needs to be a revolution of theatre, music, film, art – violence will not be the answer.

To see my friend was incredible and inspiring; noticing how both our accents have grown posher with age, yet I heard turns of phrase from her that reminded me of her old self, and I almost thought she was surprised to hear them in herself (again?) but more likely she is quite unified now, as I believe she is at ease with herself.