Can’t buy love

Megan Morgan follows me as we cycle over the bridge to the Mall, I want to show her where it is. I tell her what it’s like to model naked all the time and why I love it. How the artists, some of them, know a part of me neither friends nor family do. How it’s a performance of self expression in the moment, and while you could get self absorbed, you also get beyond the self, and beneath layers. It may be hard sometimes, but when you enjoy it, it’s a pleasure to be drawn. After a difficult spell in another part of my life, modelling can take me back to a happier place in myself, what a treasure. I love sharing this knowledge with someone who wants to take it on too. Feels like something I ought to do.

Glyn Howard makes me look cooler than Top Cat!

Glyn's groovy cartoon style, i dig it

One thought on “Can’t buy love

  1. Megan Morgan is one of the participants in Spirited Bodies 3 on 5 August, which will be the first mixed sex Spirited Bodies. we’re very excited about it. also, Lorraine Smith, a trained Butoh dancer, will be working with Esther on the poses, which should be exceptional – well, the poses always are exceptional, last time Esther directed the group and the duo, and Morimda worked with the couple.


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