Greenwich. Mean. Time.

Y.P.A.s are my favourite people to model for at the moment. That’s Young Portuguese Architects if you don’t know; not to be confused with Young British Artists – a very different bunch, not generally into life drawing, apart from Tracey Emin, but she’s not easy to get hold of right now.

The woman wants to draw me as I move in slow motion, a sort of personal variant on tai chi. Well that is like asking me to do what I love, and paying me.

Then I am to lie on a sofa with my legs up against the wall. They’re looking for a different perspective. I enjoy a head rush until my feet are bloodless.

Lounge. Assymetrically. Again I do that naturally.

High up through one way glass I see a familiar evening vista. It’s like the view from my bedroom in close up.

By the water’s edge here is much dereliction – a Greenwich waiting to rise… if money still flows.

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