Falling in Love

As I walk up from the main road, my breath quickens and my eyes dance over each house, acknowledging splendour that puts a skip in my glide – I have moved to a beautiful place. The hill steepens and the buildings accelerate as they exhilarate; I feel like I am in love, but it’s not with a person, just with my flat.

We models are getting to know each other more and more; online communication has freed us from isolation. I find myself thinking about the types we fall into. There are others like me, used to getting by on charm, an alluring accent and sex appeal. Modelling was a natural career choice if this is how one is formed. Others may be quite an alternative, booked more for their unusual physicality, at least uncommon in modelling. Their confidence in being large or older gives them an edge on the rest of us, though there may always be some artists they never work with. There are the famous images we are familar with by Saville and Freud, but beyond that a new realm of fashion is yet to be reopened.

On Friday night at 5 Rhythms Full Moon Women’s Dance, I bonded uniquely with women I’d never met before. This was a truly magical experience, healing, loving, uplifting… I came away on such a natural high I’d forgotten how that feels.  If I am aiming for an experience to give to women through Spirited Bodies, than I would like it to be along side that one.  It is a different phenomenon, but the 2 could easily feed into one another in this world which is bringing more and more women forward to soar and fly as the powerful spirits we are.

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