Most Shocking: Busted in the Buff 2

This was on Channel 1, Sunday evening. A programme based on an obsession with nudity’s misdemeanours/abuses of nudity and the comedy of it.

A nude guy caused more than panic in a US supermarket by proceeding to lock himself in a cupboard and cover his body in shaving cream. The most chaotic part is an overreaction by police – how much harm could the lathery man actually cause? But this is indecent exposure.

A woman whose boyfriend had complained about her appearance evidently when they were out in Central New York, decided to take a stand, by spontaneously removing all her garments, and flaunting provocatively, boldly her ample form. Why do people get arrested for this? I want every woman to protest at being told how to look.

In Buenos Aires performance artists disrobed one by one whilst watching buskers at a crowded pitch. They behaved as if they were isolated individuals before being arrested.  They pronounced that they wanted to make a statement about the normality of being nude and how it ought not to be taboo.

Nudist daredevils in dangerous motorcycling stunts were shown crashing painfully, as well as an ice hockey player protesting against violence on the pitch by pulling down his pants.

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