Performance #7

Girl in Suitcase

28 March 2014

At The Telegraph at the Earl of Derby, London for Telegraph Hill Festival 2014.

A bound and naked woman emerges from a suitcase only to be prodded into life…

Five years after my first show at Telegraph Hill Festival, it was time for ‘Girl in Suitcase’ to make an appearance there.

This was my first truly solo performance. My stage was The Telegraph at the Earl of Derby, and live musical accompaniment was provided for me by musicians from The Next Room ensemble.

In this one-woman play I considered: if 70 is the new 50, 37 must be the new 17. Growing up has never been so redefined. Without mortgage, salary or children… how do we measure success?

Getting on with your parents, being ready to face the college reunion, or taking a break from Facebook; these might be meaningful markers. Not to mention knowing when you can get away with narcotics, or who not to sleep with, and which women will never be your friend. Inner peace is hard won and well-deserved for 21st century woman.

I explored a female journey towards being more visible. Whether her body is an instrument, plaything or work of art, it is the vehicle of her discovery. The powerful struggle to transcend labels grasps all her energy and ultimately yields.



Photos of the live performance.



Drawings made by audience members during the performance.



Promo flyer for the performance.

Facebook: Girl in Suitcase, 28 March 2014 – event.

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