Performance #11

Girl in Suitcase

19 March 2016

At Telegraph Hill Centre, London for Telegraph Hill Festival 2016.

Returning to the Telegraph Hill Festival, this version of ‘Girl in Suitcase’ was performance art theatre about the representation and life cycle of women – an unfolding feminine realm that begins with a naked encounter, the site of the female body.

Where girls are born on Earth may determine their chances in life; whether enjoying sex is an option, or how they feel about their bodies.

How free are any of us as women, whether under a veil, or in stilettos and a G-string? This show explored the choices and indignities of being a woman in the 21st century – the violence that is normal, and the power and pleasure that is possible.

Both raw and disturbing, sensual and beautiful, this show engaged the audience in the creation of art. They were invited to draw the performance, and advised to expect interaction, disturbance and nudity.

You can read more about the creation and performance of this show in my 2016 blog, ‘Returning to a One Woman show‘. My partner, Steve, featured in a couple of the scenes – you can read his account of the performance in his 2016 blog, ‘Girl in Suitcase, Telegraph Hill Festival 2016‘.



Recordings of two scenes from the live performance (2 minutes and 3 minutes).

These videos are free to access but if you would like to make a donation towards my work as an artist, it would be highly appreciated as the performance was entirely self-funded –



Photos of the live performance.



Drawings made by audience members during the performance.



Cover of the Telegraph Hill festival 2016 brochure.

Facebook: Girl in Suitcase at Telegraph Hill Festival 2016 – event.

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