Performance #1

An Ordered Kaosz

20 March 2009

At Crossways Academy Drama Studio, London for Telegraph Hill Festival 2009.

‘An Ordered Kaosz’ was the first performance of what would later evolve into ‘Girl in Suitcase’. This version was a two-woman physical theatre piece performed with my friend, Szilvi Keffert – about going on a journey to rectify the past.

The performance began with the life model – a trafficked woman – emerging from a suitcase and tortured by demonic art tutor. No actual life drawing took place during this show.

Part of Telegraph Hill Festival. Recorded music featured Bela Bartok.



Two recordings of the opening scenes from our rehearsals (6 minutes and 5 minutes).

These videos are free to access but if you would like to make a donation towards my work as an artist, it would be highly appreciated as the performance was entirely self-funded –



Photos from our rehearsals.



Promo flyer for the performance.

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